Our Focus and Goals


  • Empowering mind-body wellbeing as an answer to the needs and ramifications of stress and trauma caused by overwhelming life events
  • Providing training and therapy in groups combining cutting-edge approaches of body-oriented psychotherapy to deal with stress and trauma
  • Using methods which can be learned for application in a relatively short time and aid in coping with conditions of stress while contributing to the prevention of traumatic reactions to overwhelming situations in the future
  • Restoring resilience


  • To aid various underserved groups of people who have been exposed to one time or prolonged conditions of stress or to overwhelming traumatic events
  • To train and advise professionals who treat traumatized populations
  • To support caregivers in the front lines some of whom suffer from secondary (or vicarious) trauma, a problem that commonly goes unrecognized and untreated
  • To raise the level of awareness of the effectiveness of the mind- body treatment methods in coping with stress and trauma and the advantage of using the body
  • To promote the prevention of traumatic reactions and the building of resiliency for people at risk