About Us

Connections & Links ~ From Trauma to Resilience (C&L) is a non-profit organization (amuta) founded in 1987.

C&L helps people cope with and overcome stress and tension, recover from trauma and achieve balance, self-regulation and a better quality of life. Connections & Links provides targeted assistance in helping people cope with stressful situations and develop coping strategies. Training is also given to professionals in the therapeutic, welfare and education fields.

Our activities are mainly group-based, using movement and mindfulness to release tension and create a sense of calm, presence and balance. We teach participants how to use our self-help tools to cope with ordinary stressful situations as well as emergencies. We hold workshops, courses and other activities throughout the country but especially in the country’s southern and northern regions.

To enhance coping and resilience using unique therapeutic and psycho-educational interventions through mindfulness and movement.  To bring healing to underserved traumatized Israeli communities, providing therapeutic process through unique body-mind tools that adults and children experience to cope throughout their lives.

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Prof. Mooli Lahad Endorsement- Treasures of the Winning Couple< Prof. Lahad congratulates the developers and authors of the program and book 'Treasures of the Winning Couple: Mr. Body and Ms. Awareness', Dr. Meirav Tal-Margalit and Judith Spanglet. He recognizes the common work and belief that he and the Mashabim center share for many years with Judy and Meirav in developing coping resources for children and adults. He points out his hope that this work of using body-mind and movement skills  as coping tools for building resilience, for all who need it , as a way to prepare for different life situations, will keep on spreading in Israel. View here

Connections & Links helps children and adults coping in times of Terror and Afterwards