Terrorist Threats & COVID’s Pressure:

Residents of Israel’s South Are Struggling

Imagine trying to entertain kids whose schools have been closed for the better part of the year, struggling to help them with distance learning while juggling your own work from home. Now imagine that on top of that, at any moment can come the wail of a siren, warning of an incoming rocket, and that there are just 10 seconds to reach shelter.

This is life for thousands of residents of Israel’s south.

Between the constant threats from Gaza and the heavy financial burdens and emotional toll taken by the coronavirus pandemic, many residents of Israel’s southern communities are at the end of their rope. 

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A survey conducted by Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics found that rates of serious emotional distress have sharply increased since the onset of the pandemic.

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of parents say their children’s emotional state has worsened
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of people over age 65 report being in a negative mental state
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of Israeli adults report feeling anxious and/or depressed

The isolation, instability, and uncertainty fueled by the COVID crisis has only worsened the situation.

You Can Help?

You can give the gift of wellness to residents of Israel’s south by sponsoring a Connections and Links Self-Help Kit Because the pandemic has sparked higher rates of depression and anxiety among children and adults, it’s more critical than ever that people are empowered with self-healing tools that put the power to move forward directly into their hands

A donation of 300 NIS provides one family with a Self-Help Kit

A donation of 1,500 NIS sponsors Family Self-Help Kit for 5 families.

A donation of 10,500 NIS sponsors Family Self-Help Kits for a group of 15 family dyads – including a training workshop 

The Self-Help Kit Includes

and Links

Founded in 1987, Connections and Links is a trusted nonprofit organization that has worked with underserved Israeli communities for 35 years, via dynamic workshops, group therapy, and grassroots community-based empowerment programs, Connections and Links continues to make an important contribution to the quality of life for thousands of Israelis, especially residents of the south.

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